Mid-Century Modern Myrtle Table

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Mid-century modern dining table design with subtle live edge made from reclaimed Myrtle, featuring square matching inlays and custom tapered legs.

Dimensions: 70"long x 41"wide x 30"high

- This Tree’s Origin -

This Myrtle tree grew near Lakeside, OR. Myrtle only grows in very specific coastal regions in Oregon and is considered the most valuable wood in North America due its rarity, color, grain patterns, and woodworking properties. When Seth had the opportunity to salvage a trailer full of logs outside of our typical salvage zone by Tenmile Lake, the trip through the Cascade mountains became much longer after a blown trailer tire and a Sunday search at a junkyard for a replacement just to get the logs back to the woodshop. Now revitalized and standing as this beautiful mid-century modern dining table/desk . A true centerpiece in any home or office environment.

Custom sizes and wood types available.

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